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We are Australia’s largest contract manufacturer of skincare sheet masks. We produce 50,000 facial sheet masks an hour. 

New capabilities and a broader geographic footprint have positioned the  CPLUSco Healthcare as a major player in the manufacturing and export industries. We have invested in custom-designed machinery, our most recent acquisition has enabled us to make 50,000 facial sheet masks an hour. Making us the largest contract manufacturer of face masks in Australia. We offer a wide range of bio-cellulose sheet masks, clay and cream formulations with a variety of skin-loving active ingredients. They are potent, yet incredibly gentle on sensitive skin. We believe in investing in only the highest quality and ethical ingredients to ensure we are creating products we can stand behind. In fact, we were awarded best Australian Made face mask manufacturer for two years in a row by, “product of the year”. All of our naturally derived products are made in Brisbane Australia.


More than 14,000 household consumers, surveyed as part of Australia’s largest independent consumer survey of new and innovative products have backed Skin Nutrient’s Australian team of leading herbalists and chemists, who created the five award winning and naturally derived Botanic Face Masks. The masks are specially formulated for swift absorption and optimum skin hydration and each of the serums focus on resolving common skins concerns such as dehydration, skin spots, blemishes, dark patches, skin repair and hydration, fine lines and wrinkles and brightening the skin in just 10 minutes.

Product of the Year is the world’s largest consumer-voted award for product innovation and aims to guide consumers to the best products in the market, serving as a shortcut for shoppers; saving them time and money. CPLUSco Healthcare Business Development Manager Vivian Liu, said: “the Botanic Face Masks were able to meet and even exceed the rigorous criteria set by Product of the Year as a result of creative thinking, extensive research and development and the natural efficacy of Australian sourced ingredients”. Ms Liu said, “Skin Nutrient’s Botanic Face Masks offer optimum skin hydration in just 10 minutes. 

In fact, the packaging innovation of including a second sleeve inside the foil packet, allows us to maintain the natural integrity of each ingredient without the use of nasty chemical preservatives”. “Unlike many face masks products made in China, we choose to focus on delivering supercharged Australian Ingredients to nutritionally boost the skin for overall health and immunity. This means using premium ingredients without including parabens or artificial colouring.” The generous 25ml of serum, which is equivalent to one whole bottle of serum – (Great value for money) – is especially poured into the mask made from Australian Eucalyptus fibre, sealed in an inner airtight sleeve for long-lasting effectiveness”.

CPLUSco Healthcare is very proud of our state-of-the-art facilities in Australia, we have the ability to produce 50,000 masks an hour. We are equally proud to offer consumers a safe, cruelty-free, nasty preservative-free, Australian made alternatives.


  • Our company is working towards developing sustainable and eco-friendly products, to minimise our environmental impact and provide a net gain to local growers who may otherwise be at a loss for their cost of waste management.

    Case Study

    The greater issue currently facing major wineries and boutique wine makers, is the ability to effectively dispose of red wine waste (pomace waste) in a environmentally friendly way that is also affordable.In fact, 130,000 tonnes of grape waste was produced in South Australia during 2018. Our solution is to harness the “skin nutrients” and convert this waste into a saleable skincare product.

We have exclusive access to a new intelligent delivery system that carry actives deeper into skin where they can live up to their full potential and work within skin for long-term effects. Too often, the active formulation stays on the stratum corneum layer of the skin, where it delivers only minimal and temporary results. For acute delivery and deeper penetration of actives, penetration enhancers and delivery systems have been developed both by biomedical and cosmetic researchers. Nanomaterials have been employed to both protect active ingredients and control their delivery so they can work within the skin to improve its appearance. Introducing Revolution fibres, a break through the alternative to sheet masks; whereby using nanofibre as the delivery platform the application time is reduced to just 5 seconds.

Contract Manufacturing (OEM) VS Private Label

Private Label – Pick your products. Put your name on them.

We offer a range of private label face mask products that are already made, so you don’t need to invest in research & development because we have already developed and tested all of our products. With so many products in our library, you can pick and choose to curate the perfect collection for your business and clientele. You can enjoy high-profit margins by buying your products at wholesale prices and charging a premium to your customers for the brand you have created.

Contract Manufacturing (OEM) – Develop formulas & packaging from scratch.

On the other hand, we also offer contract manufacturing for large and established brands needing flexibility with their product developments. Partner with us to design your own formulas and packaging. This means room for more differentiation and innovation in the marketplace, as you get to develop a product that is entirely unique to your brand.  

We offer private label face masks in a variety of sizes and formulations including; 

  • 25mL Bio-cellulose Sheet Mask with a hydrating formula
  • 50g Clay Masks; bentonite, charcoal, pink/red clay 
  • 50g Cream Mask
  • Charcoal Nose Strips

We offer private label face masks in a variety of sizes and formulations including; 

    • 25mL Bio-cellulose Sheet Mask with a hydrating formula
    • 50g Clay Masks; bentonite, charcoal, pink/red clay 
    • 50g Cream Mask
    • Charcoal Nose Strips

Private Label FAQ'S

  • Yes! We offer each of our Private Label products as a single-unit sample to purchase, so you can try before you commit to a minimum order quantity. 

No. In order to give our customers the highest quality formula for the most cost effective price, we only offer standardised formulations. 

However, if you are already an established brand and want to take your production to the next level, we can provide custom made formulations with our OEM service.  

Yes. We are a full-service contract manufacturer with the latest labelling equipment, for speed and precision.

Unfortunately, no. In order to provide you with the most cost-effective, streamlined offering we are unable to offer packaging components (caps, lids, bottle colours) that vary from our Private Label offering.

Yes, while we are happy to design you your label incorporating your logo, we can design your brand and logo for an additional price.

Yes, you can download a list of ingredients for all of our Private Label Sanitising products, click here.

Unfortunately not. We can certainly source biodegradable wipes for you, however this type of project would fall into our custom contract manufacturing service.